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about me Wedding Photographer

I was born and raised in Milan, Italy. I started studying photography at 16 during high school and I then graduated in Public Relations and Advertising. I’ve worked for many years in the advertising and fashion industry in Italy, South Africa and Internationally. My experiences stretched from directing, acting, styling, documentary film making as well as production and event organising, giving me a 360° knowledge I try to transfer also in my photography work.

In 2011 after living in California for a little while I decided to settle and move to Cape Town and now I call this beautiful place home.

I’ve found love in a South African man and after getting first our fur son, Bacco, we gave life to our son in 2016. The new perspective of being a mother and having a family has taken my photography to the next step, creating that emotional connection with the families I work with and the understanding of how precious each and single moment are when we share it with the ones we love. That’s what I aim to when taking pictures, trying to make so that the simplest and most precious moments can last a lifetime.

My job is my passion and I thrive to catch the little beautiful moments and shooting images that are able to move and excite.