Hi, I'm Alice! After spending 11 years in South Africa, in Cape Town, I recently returned to live in my hometown, Milan.

Ever since I was little I have been passionate about photography and after working for years in advertising, in front of the cameras, in 2011 I decided to dedicate myself to photography and make it my profession.

I truly believe that creating beautiful and timeless images is important. As a photographer, I try to capture the magic of small, everyday moments so that I can give you photos to treasure and look back on in every future moment of your life.

I love what I do and hope that this passion of mine lives on through the images I capture!

Whenever possible I love to travel, to discover new places and things. Anything new and different excites me. A holiday for me is not a cocktail on the beach, but challenges and moments of amazement!
In my spare time I love dancing, listening to music, playing the piano, spend time with friends and enjoy nature (the thing I miss most about South Africa!).

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